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Integrate our ready-to-use and trusted Docutain SDK packages for Document Scanning, Barcode Scanning and Data Capturing in less than 1 day. Used by millions on Android, iOS & Windows.

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Scanner SDK, OCR SDK, Data Capture SDK & Barcode Scanner SDK

The Docutain SDK supports the popular operating systems Android, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS (Mac Catalyst) and Windows.
In addition to native integration, Document Scanner, Data Capture & Barcode Reader SDK can be used for the Cross-Platform Frameworks Xamarin, .NET MAUI, React Native, Flutter, Cordova & Ionic. All components run offline on the device. No internet connection required. No privacy issues, location independent and mobile working. Docutain SDK is divided into the following functional packages:

Ready to use Scan SDK UI component

Mobile Scanner SDK

Automatically turn paper documents into high-quality scans with the Scanning SDK. Real-time document detection, automatic triggering at the perfect moment, smart filters and perspective correction ensure the best scan result. With our mobile Scanning SDK, use our pre-built scan layout, set colors according to your branding, make presets for scanning functionality according to your use case.

More information on the mobile Scan SDK
Success Story of Document Scanning
OCR text recognition SDK searchable PDF documents

OCR SDK (Text recognition)

Create searchable PDF files from scanned or imported documents or use the recognized text for further processing in your backend. OCR text recognition is the basis for Docutain's Data Extraction SDK. If desired, the text can be returned in different clusters. Starting with the whole text up to a list of single words. Each with the coordinates related to the document.

Data Capture & Data Extraction SDK
Success Story of Data Capturing
Structured data extraction Bank data, address data

Data Capture / Data Extraction SDK

Extract structured data such as addresses, account information (IBAN), amounts, invoice number, customer number, date, payroll tax certificate fields, and more based on the recognized text and use this information to automate your processes. Like the OCR text recognition, the Data Capture SDK runs in real time, offline on the device.

Data Capture & Data Extraction SDK
Success Story of Data Capturing
Barcode Scanning SDK ready to use barcode UI components

Barcode Scanner SDK

With Docutain's Barcode Scanner SDK, your users reliably capture most 1D and 2D barcode formats in real time using their smartphone. The mobile Scan SDK turns any smartphone into a mobile barcode reader with the highest precision and speed. Use the extracted data to optimize your further processes and minimize errors.

Supported 1D & 2D bar code formats:
Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E, Aztec, Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code Scanner

More information on the Barcode Scan SDK
Success Story of Barcode Scanning

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Why use the Docutain Scan SDK?

Docutain Scanner SDK ensures the highest scanning quality

Highest scanning quality

Used daily by millions of users who perform millions of scans.

Fast integration of the Docutain Scanning SDK

Integration in less than 1 day

Docutain Scanner SDK is integrated in less than a day. Get started right away!

Continuous further development of the Docutain SDK

Professional support

We support you with the integration into your apps and are always available afterwards.

High data security with Docutain Scan SDK

Guaranteed data security

Docutain SDK works offline, locally on the device. No data transfer to server/ third party provider. No order processing agreements necessary.

Individual use case?

No problem! Besides the integration as SDK, we also offer the development of individual, complete apps based on the Docutain SDK. Just contact us and tell us your use case. We will get back to you shortly with an individual solution proposal.

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Reliable & cross-industry

Photo bank transfer SDK Scan


Automated data extraction for photo transfer, categorization of receipts, and more.

Success Story Banking
Mobile scanning solution for insurance companies

Insurance companies

More leads from sales representatives thanks to automated third-party contract capture. Optimized back-end processing thanks to high-quality document input from your policyholders.

Scanning solution and data capture for logistic industry


Efficient process handling in transportation & warehousing thanks to mobile data capture.

Success Story Logistics
Scanning solution and data capture for all industries


Healthcare, retail, energy sector, construction, tax apps etc.
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