Mobile data capture with the Docutain SDK
May 22, 2023 by Sarah

Things to know about mobile document capture

Convert paper documents into high-quality scans easily with a mobile device

Nowadays, speed and efficiency are the focus of every company. In this context, the establishment of digital business processes plays a decisive role across all industries. One process that should not be underestimated is digital document capture. This forms the basis for many downstream processes: from the preparation of travel expense reports, to accounting processes, in the logistics industry, retail or insurance.
The fact is: mobile capture of a document for further processing can be a decisive competitive advantage.

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What is mobile document capture?

Mobile document capture is the process of creating high-quality scans from paper documents using a mobile device. In downstream processes, the information from the scan can be digitally read and classified using OCR functionality.

Application examples: Use of mobile document entry

The fact that digital data capture is relevant across all industries is shown by the following exemplary application examples from different industries for which ditigal document capture is equally relevant:

Logistics industry

There are reams of paper documents in the processing of transport transactions. In order to complete a settlement, the documents must be brought to headquarters by the truck driver. To save time, truck drivers can simply scan the documents with their mobile device and send them to the head office either via a digital workflow or simply by e-mail, so that the orders can be settled more quickly and travel distances can be saved. It is important that the scans are of high quality, even under less than ideal conditions, and that they are easy for truck drivers to use.
Success Story on Document Capture with Docutain SDK

Mobile Banking

Many large banking app providers already enable their customers to perform services such as bank transfers using the app. The basis of the photo transfer is a high-quality scanning function that allows the customer to scan a paper invoice or import an already digital invoice. Those providers, whose scanning function produces a high-quality digital document even in less than optimal conditions (shadows, incidence of light, creases...), without the user having to post-process it, have a particular advantage. To complete the process, the OCR function is also relevant in this case, which recognizes and extracts the information contained in the document after a successful scan.
Success Story on Document Capture & OCR with Docutain SDK

Insurance industry

More and more insurance companies are also offering their services within their own insurance app, in which customers can store their data, participate in bonus campaigns, or call up services. For this purpose, it is important that a reliable scan functionality is offered, for example, for submitting invoices or proofs. This should be easy to integrate and, above all, easy for the user to operate and self-explanatory.

Mobile document capture with Docutain Scanner SDK

With Docutain Scanner SDK, users can create high-quality scans in seconds using mobile devices. Its intuitive operation saves time and enables a positive user experience. And with peace of mind, because the SDK works locally on the device and no internet connection is required. This means that at no point is the scanned data stored on external servers or shared with third-party providers.

Thanks to rapid integration with professional support, the Docutain Scanner SDK is flexibly ready for use within a very short time and helps to optimize processes. Valuable time is saved in business processes, for example, as documents can simply be scanned with a smartphone regardless of location and are available for further processing. This increases flexibility and user-friendliness, ensures greater efficiency and has a positive impact on business success in the long term.

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