Reliable Data Extraction with Document Data Capture SDK

Accurate, fast, easy.

Extract recognized data from a scan for your Android, iOS or Windows apps. Ready-to-use OCR SDK & Data Extraction SDK for immediate integration and further processing.

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Docutain Document Data Capture

Easily automate & accelerate processes

Extract recognized data from a scan

Automate your processes and avoid manual, error-prone data entry by employees or customers. Use the Docutain OCR SDK & Data Extraction SDK and enable automatic data extraction of recognized information from a scan. This recognized data can be used for further processing such as pre-filling forms. Thanks to the high quality of the scan and OCR SDK, no manual post-processing is required, and subsequent processes can follow seamlessly.

Increase your process quality, optimize your digital service offerings, and thereby improve employee productivity to handle more complex issues. This reduces your costs in the long run and ultimately leads to satisfied customers as well.

The mobile Data Capture SDK is available for all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, .NET MAUI, Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, Ionic and Cordova).

What makes our Data Capture SDK so special

Feature Highlights

Recognition & extraction of data at top speed

Recognition & extraction of data at top speed

Precise data recognition even under difficult conditions

Precise data recognition even under difficult conditions

Highest recognition rate

Highest recognition rate

Automated further processing through extraction of data

Automated further processing through extraction of data

Ease of use

Ease of use

Easy to understand UI

Easy to understand UI

Quality. Precision. Speed.

In addition to the high scan quality, the mobile Capture SDK impresses with a high recognition rate of recognized information within a document, whether invoices or payment information (IBAN, amount, address, purpose), wage tax certificates, ID cards, business cards or prescriptions.

The OCR functionality, which has been trained for years, can be used flexibly for all document types.

Extracted data can then be returned as JSON, XML, ZUGFeRD or similar, for example.

Mobile Data capture is guaranteed even under difficult conditions such as suboptimal lighting conditions.

What distinguishes us as provider

Reliability. Support. Security.

Our goal is to make the integration of the OCR SDK & Data Capture SDK as fast as possible for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We support you with a simple Data Extraction API that enables use with just a few lines of code, mature documentation, and professional support. We are aware of how important data protection is for companies. Therefore, Docutains Data Extraction API works locally on the device and 100% offline. At no time is data transferred to servers or third parties. Our offline solution - in contrast to server-side providers - also ensures fail-safety. We attach great importance to a transparent and fair pricing model to give you as a company maximum planning security when integrating the mobile Data Extraction SDK.
What our customer Star Finanz says about the Data Extraction SDK

Provider highlights

Fast integration of the Docutain Data Extraction SDK

in less than 1 day

Docutain Data Extraction SDK data security

data security

Professional support Docutain Data Extraction SDK


Fair price Docutain Data Extraction SDK

Fair price with
highest quality


Powerful Scan & Data Extraction APIs

Use our ready-made OCR & Data Capture SDK solutions so your teams don't waste months implementing complex functionality to enable document scanning and data extraction.

DocutainSDK for Android
import de.docutain.sdk.ui.ScanResult

val documentScanResult = registerForActivityResult(ScanResult()) { result ->
        //user finished scan process, continue with your workflow
        //generate PDF by using Document.writePDF()
        //get detected Text by using DocumentDataReader.getText()
        //get data by using DocumentDataReader.analyze()
    } else{
        //user canceled scan process


myButton.setOnClickListener {
    val scanConfig = DocumentScannerConfiguration()

Use Cases

A mobile Data Capture SDK is relevant for many industries

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Just download our Showcase app with a sample integration of the Docutain Scan and Data Extraction SDK.

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