Make vs buy decision
June 6, 2023 by Sarah

Advantages of an SDK integration: Make vs. Buy

Software Development Kits enable decisive competitive advantages

The use of an SDK makes sense for companies of all sizes, especially when it comes to optimizing process flows in real time. This is a crucial way to achieve a competitive advantage.

Paper-based processes are often time-consuming and costly, and have been shown to have a negative impact on employee productivity. In contrast, a Forbes report in 2020 proved that business processes are 40-50% more efficient and profitable when it comes to the use of digital technologies.

One general possibility in this context is the use of a mobile scanner. The question for companies is whether to develop a scanner function internally or to purchase a ready-made scanner software solution externally - in short: Make or Buy?

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What to consider in "make vs. buy" decision?

At first glance, internal in-house development seems attractive to companies because it can be developed and customized according to individual needs.

But probably the most important decision factor in a make or buy decision is the aspect of overall costs that in-house development causes compared to a purchase. From this, decisive advantages can be derived for the purchase and integration of a ready-made SDK solution:

1) Fast & easy integration

Ready-made SDK components such as a scan SDK can be integrated into applications within a day thanks to APIs and instructions. This means that developers do not have to invest time in complex in-house developments, which are often difficult to plan in terms of time.

2) Optimal resource allocation

So that developers can focus on their core competencies, the acquisition of an SDK efficiently saves time and costs compared to in-house development. In addition, new know-how does not have to be built up internally for the development.

3) Utilize experience and mature quality

SDK components are used many times and are thus continuously developed and optimized. This means very high quality of the field-tested components, directly from integration.

4) Professional assistance & support

When purchasing the SKD, support is also offered to ensure direct communication between developers and thus permanent support.

5) Maintenance included

Continuous updates ensure the permanent optimal usability of the SDK for the companies and end users. Extensions or optimizations do not have to be done internally, which in turn saves valuable time.

The final decision for or against the purchase of a finished SDK depends on the individual use case of the company and the resources behind it. It can be shown that the aspect of internal resources and know-how have a decisive influence on the question, since personnel costs have the greatest influence on the total costs of the decision. In-house developments require the development of know-how and tie up resources. In addition, in-house development takes time. In contrast, an SDK is ready for immediate use and has the advantage that it is mature and proven software.

Advantages of the integration of a Software Development Kit (SDK)

An SDK, short for Software Development Kit, is a set of software programs and information for various platforms provided by hardware and software developers. This allows developers to integrate ready-made functional components of the SDK directly into their application.

SDKs can be provided in different programming languages for different target platforms. In the case of the Docutain Scanner and Data Extraction SDK, for example, these are the Android, iOS, Windows and Flutter platforms, with others already in development.

The benefits of the Docutain SDK integration include:

  • Easy integration
  • Flexible support
  • Sophisticated, tried and tested functions
  • High usability
  • Guaranteed data security through local functions, 100% offline
  • Attractive pricing model, aligned with your business model

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