How digital submission of documents for truck drivers has been optimized with the Docutain Scanner SDK

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Aiss is a Slovenian provider of transport management software for automating logistics business processes using intelligent transport planning.

Company size

< 100 employees



Development platform


SDK package Docutain

Document scanner

Goals of the customer with the Docutain SDK


Optimization of document capture process for truck drivers using the internal mobile app to transmit documents such as proofs of delivery directly to the headquarters.

Use case of the Docutain SDK


A scanner solution that is easy to use, performs scans quickly, and most importantly, performs high-quality scans. This solution must be available for implementation in Android.



The Docutain SDK scanning feature provides mobile app users with an easy-to-use and high-quality solution for capturing transportation documents. These scans can then be uploaded to the main web-based application for further processing.

Why did you choose the Docutain SDK?

Easy integration, support & quality

SDK customer Klemen

"The integration of the Docutain SDK was very easy thanks to the great support. They provided us with a wrapper and gave clear instructions on how to implement the Scan SDK with helpful documentation. Challenges that arose during the integration were quickly and reliably resolved."

Klemen Tomše,
UI/UX developer @ Aiss

Process optimization all along the line

Higher quality, happy users & process acceleration

Docutain Scan SDK für Atom unterstützt Transportoptimierung

The web-based application Atom is a transportation management tool with an accompanying mobile app that allows truck drivers to track their tasks on site and upload transportation documents in real time. This allows office staff to process scanned documents, such as proofs of delivery, even before the driver returns to headquarters with the actual paperwork. This significantly speeds up the process from delivery to invoicing. With the Docutain SDK, the process has been optimized even further in terms of speed because it is now even easier for drivers to create documents in less ideal environments - e.g., directly in the cab of the truck rather than at a desk in the office.

Before using Docutain SDK Aiss used a mixture of open source solutions and own code to provide a basic way to make scan-like images, manual cropping tool and PDF creation. They were looking for a more user-friendly solution with higher quality output.
Docutain Scanner SDK was a perfect fit with functionalities like auto crop, auto capture and image filters. The process of capturing documents for truck drivers is now way faster and the resulting PDF documents are of higher quality.

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